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We are delighted to present a new and improved version of Wiliam Strutt's masterwork painting "Peace, and a little child shall lead them". We sold almost 10,000 prints in the 80's and 90's with very little advertising. The new prints are improved in four ways. They are larger, and a standard 16" by 20" size so special framing isn't necessary. We had a couple of blemishes removed, but the best use of the new computer technology is that digital allowed us to have a new print that is much more vivid and true to the original painting. Naturally, we had it printed on the highest quality, permanantly non-yellowing paper so you can pass this print down to your grandchildren. But why wait, buy one for your grandchildren now. We have special deals for folks who buy more than one print. You are going to love it, and as a matter of fact, if you don't, we will gladly refund your full purchase price. Order today and let this wonderful picture bring you PEACE.

William Strutt's PEACE print

William Strutt's masterwork "Peace" is $20 each plus shipping, which is $4.95 for orders up to $25.00, and $7.95 for orders over $25.00.  Buy three or more prints and get one free! We will also give you a free note card for each print you buy. Shipping outside the USA is $9.95 up to $25, and $14.95 shipping over $25.

"The Emperor of Russia places it in his palace, the English working man hangs it on his cottage wall, it brings peace and joy wherever it goes". From 1906

William Strutt's PEACE and a child shall lead them

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We are very happy to be able to offer shirts with this wonderful picture. You can wear "Peace" and bring it's wonderful message and vibration to everyone you meet.

We are offering shirts with just the picture in full color with the tittle Peace at the bottom, and for those in the vegetarian community we are offering shirts with the picture and the slogan, "Love Animals, Eat Vegetables".

Love Animals, Eat Vegetables

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